My Story: Aloha Body Care.

Aloha Body Care started in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. My big DREAM was to provide my family with non gmo and organic skin care, as an alternative to the store bought cancer causing, allergy causing chemicals. I  made extracts from Hand-picked Hawaiian Plumeria Flowers and from Organic Mango. These ingredients were included in my hand crafted creams, lotions, and body spray. I worked a full time job, but in my spare time, I was able to make these  in my home in Ewa Beach, after all it is such a creative activity. Our skin care line was carried by all the Down to Earth Stores on Oahu. Fast forward several years later;  we fulfilled my husband’s dream of moving to where he was born and raised, TEXAS. We moved to Wimberley, known as the Hill Country or as Texans call it, God’s Country. I manage my business here, working getting the USDA Organic Certified for some of my awesome skin care.   It’s a long process but I’m willing to do this so the public can be confident on what their buying.

Update August 2019 on my USDA Organic Skin Care and Move to Texas.

I’ve been in Texas now for one year.  And yay (chihoo) my company is now Certified USDA Organic. I was able to get two products USA Organic certified “Zen Omg Organics Hair Oil”  and “Aloha Body Care Body Powder” .  Certified through CCOF which is one the largest oldest organic certifiers for organic.   Finally after making friends and integrating here in Wimberley, Texas I can feel more at home.  Wimberely is about 1.5 hours from Austin a larger metropolitan of Texas.