Why Does my Certified Organic Shampoo have  Chemicals?

by Christine Tyler 

And Does it matter which organic certified product I choose for me and my family?

Somehow, I feel cheated.  I bought a certified Organic Shampoo at a local store for my daughter who is pregnant and when I got it home I saw it was full of chemicals.  It was a name brand I recognized and said non gmo but it had what I consider.  So I looked up this NSF certification and this is what I found. It definitely matters on the certifying sticker on your skin care.  Basically it seems to be created specifically for the cosmetic industry to allow many of their chemical concoctions to be allowed so that they too can have an Organic Label as long as the product contains 70 percent organic ingredients.  QAI International,  a NSF allows family company, provides the certification.  

So the difference between USDA Organic Certification  is that it must be a minimum 95 percent organic, must be non-gmo and not contain synthetic ingredients (although certain vitamins are allowed such as vitamin C) So when it comes to skin care, there is a difference on the product I choose.  The USDA organic certification is still the best and primo, and almost good enough to eat.  

For Healthy Skin Care Products you can always go to my website Aloha Body Care.  I’m in the process of becoming USDA Certified Organic on my Dream Face Creams and Liquid Gold Eye Serums.