Yes, it is Your Beeswax!

We hear a lot about organic beauty care products and how to minimize the damage to our bodies by making better choices. Parabens are damaging to our immune systems and cells and until we become more educated, we will continue using them. One tried and true product we can count on in our personal care products is beeswax.
Beeswax is a byproduct of bees’ natural honey production. The science of what bees do in the hive is perfection in motion. Wax and honey are created together, with younger bees taking the lead on producing wax to build the honeycomb. The motion of bees’ wings helps maintain the perfect temperature and humidity to gain the proper consistency of the wax for building the best possible storage system for honey. In nature, moths lay larvae in and around hives to eat the excess wax buildup, but in domestic and commercial honey production, beekeepers remove the wax caps and buildup, which takes on a variety of textures and colors based on the age of the hive and the local pollens, and either put them to use themselves or sell them for profit, either raw or after varied purification processes.
Candles are commonly made from natural beeswax, but beeswax is also an excellent additive in beauty products. One of the primary duties of beeswax in beauty products is to serve as a protectant; to help “seal” in moisture (commonly known as a humectant and as an emollient) for our skin and lips while still allowing them to transfer oxygen. It is an emulsifier (to hold on to oil and liquid components and keep them from separating from one another), and it is a stabilizer (adding to the thickness of products, making them creamy).
What products does beeswax replace in common beauty products?
Parafin- a byproduct of petroleum production used in a variety of waxes, polishes, waterproofers, and beauty products, offering a smoothing sensation. It is a derivative of kerosene and commonly clogs pores in the skin and does not easily break down.
Phthalates- a family of plasticizers commonly found in flooring, paint, waxes, lubricants, toys, clay, and beauty products. Due to links to breast cancer, many phthalates have been banned in several European countries and is a known endocrine disruptor.
Parabens- preservatives derived from various types of alcohols used to stabilize beauty products and prevent spoilage. They are suspect in endocrine disruption and known to cause skin irritation for many humans.

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Dream Face Cream with beeswax

Dream Face Cream with Bees Wax.

Liquid Gold Eye Serum with Beeswax

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