How to Make Your Own Natural Herbal Hair Rinse

By Christine Tyler

Herbal rinses, condition hair, nourish the scalp, and when the right oil is added will make hair shiny. When I was a young woman and lived in Alaska I foraged the forest for fresh plant parts such as rose hips, daisy flowers, and dandelion leafs and would make fresh hair rinses. I had thick long hair and primarily used the rinse to remove shampoo residue and to nourish the scalp. I would share the rinse with my friends and I remember one friend commented that his hair was growing back where it had been balding. At the time I thought this was so amazing. It really is the nourishment your hair is getting along with killing off the natural flora (microscopic bugs and mites) living on your scalp which causes balding. Vinegar rinses do a great job ridding bugs, mites and even lice.

If you have your own garden I recommend fresh herbs and plants as they will contain the most nutrients and natural oils. If not, use dried herbs and teas to make your hair rinse. I recommend storing the rinse in the refrigerator unless you want to buy preservatives to add to the rinse.

  1. Boiling Water 16 ounces (480 ml )
  2.  Herbs Dried 3 T (90 ml )or more
    Herbs Fresh 9 T (270 ml) or more
  3. Container 16 ounces (480 ml)
  4. Optional – use Vinegar instead of boiling water
  5. Optional – Add a few tablespoons of Safflower Oil for Shiny Hair


In a small pot boil the water and add the herbs. Infuse the herbs for several hours, strain, use on the scalp and hair. Refrigerate the hair rinse until your ready to use or add preservatives.  You can find natural cosmetic preservatives online.

If you want to get rid of dandruff or dry itchy scalp, you can substitute the water for vinegar. Infuse the vinegar overnight and strain into a bottle. This bottle won’t need refrigerating and will last a few weeks.   After shampooing, use a few tablespoons on the scalp, wait a few minutes and then rinse out. For a no rinse treatment, Add a few tablespoons to one cup of water, pour over your scalp and hair without rinsing.

For shiny hair, after straining the herbs, add  the Safflower Oil. Shake the hair rinse well before applying to the hair.

Herbs and plants recognized as good for your scalp and hair include stinging nettle, aloe vera, rosemary, peppermint, burdock and lavender.  Other less known plants known to have compounds which grow hair are polypros umbellatus (mushroom), barley,
If you are not into making your own herbal hair rinse. I developed a natural hair product called Healthy Hair. It will thicken hair, make it grow faster, and may even reduce gray hairs. I made it because I wanted my husband Eric to use a natural gel hair product. Because he is picky on what he uses, I had to make several months of batches until he liked the consistency and how it smelled. After several trials and batches I created Aloha Body Care Healthy Hair.  It’s a leave in hair conditioner.   Healthy hair was created to be a hair gel, but after Eric had been using it for several months I realized it was making his hair thicker and grow faster. To my surprise, it even brought back more of his natural color back.  It actually restored much of his gray hair.

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